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АО Inc. Russian Export Center (REC) is a state institute of non-resource export support, consolidating a group of companies that provide Russian exporters with a wide range of financial and non-financial support measures.

The REC Group integrates the Russian Agency for Insurance of Export Credits and Investments (EXIAR JSC), ROSEKSIMBANK Inc., and the ANO "Export School," which allows ensuring the availability of a product offer that meets the needs of exporters of various profiles at different stages of the export cycle - from the idea until payment receiving and goods and services export.


"RosAgroLeasing" Inc. offers the country's farmers machinery and equipment on preferential terms with state support.

Agricultural producers may select equipment suitable for his needs, opportunities, and contact the "RosAgroLeasing" Inc. with the application.

You can become a lessee if more than 12 months have passed since the date of registration of your business (24 months, if the total amount of obligations to "Rosagroleasing" Inc. exceeds 30 million rubles).




The program of "RosSelkhozBank" PJSC "Loan secured by acquired machinery and/or equipment" is specially designed for agricultural producers, agribusiness enterprises, and organizations to upgrade the fleet and/or equipment.

New domestic or imported machinery and/or equipment are subject to crediting, namely:

  • Agricultural machinery and spare parts: tractors and a full range of attachments for all types of agricultural work;
  • Construction equipment and spare parts: bulldozers, excavating machines, front-end loaders, truck cranes;
  • etc

The primary conditions of the program "Loan secured by acquired machinery and/or equipment":

  • an advance payment of 10% of the cost of purchased machinery and/or equipment;
  • loan term up to 7 years;
  • the purchased technique and/or equipment acts as collateral;
  • accrual of interest and principal on loan is carried out in monthly or quarterly payments;
  • grace period for loan repayment up to 12 months, during which only interest is paid.


Grace loan of the "Sberbank of Russia" for the purchase of equipment manufactured in Belarus.

Take advantage of the special offer of PJSC "Sberbank of Russia" and the Government of the Republic of Belarus – is a program for the purchase of equipment made in Belarus to resident legal entities of the Russian Federation and individual business owners, the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Under this program, you can take advantage of special conditions on credit "Business-Auto" or "Business-Invest" for the purchase of equipment made in Belarus, sold by legal entities of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Benefits of lending under the program for the purchase of Belarusian-made equipment:


  • payment of a part of the interest amount on loan in the amount of the refinancing rate at the date of the loan agreement by the Government of the Republic of Belarus;
  • financing for different types of collateral, including secured by the purchased equipment;
  • reliable suppliers of machinery and equipment.

Loan obtaining scheme:

  1. Marking out an application for a loan for the equipment purchase.
  2. Presentation complete package of documents by the buyer to the regional branch of "Sberbank of Russia";
  3. Bank evaluation of the buyer's creditworthiness;
  4. Decision to grant the loan with the payment of the loan rate;
  5. Closing a loan agreement and a pledge agreement with the bank;
  6. Payment of advance payment and fulfillment by the buyer of the bank's requirements for providing security under the loan agreement;
  7. Obtaining a loan and transferring money to the dealer's account.
  8. Obtaining the purchased equipment;
  9. Registration of compensation for a part of the loan rate in the amount of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Federal subsidies

Federal subsidy programs

Within the Federal Program for the Agriculture Development and Regulation of the Markets of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food for 2013 - 2020, subsidies are paid from the federal and regional budgets to the Russian agribusiness entities for reimbursement of the cost of interest on investment loans of up to 8 years obtained in the Russian credit organizations for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment used in crop and husbandry production.

Regional subsidies

Regional subsidy programs

In every region of the Russian Federation, regional subsidy programs have been developed in which the following types of subsidies are available:

  • subsidies for reimbursement under lease agreements regarding the payments that constitute income of the lessor, net of the cost of purchased on lease equipment, as well as reimbursement of the advance payment;
  • subsidies to reimburse part of the cost of purchasing machinery and equipment;
  • subsidies for reimbursement of costs concerned with the payment of the cost of remuneration for the provision of a bank guarantee and (or) under surety agreements;
  • other subsidies.

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