Semi-mounted reversible plow SMRP-7-40-01

The plow is equipped with protection - a shear bolt.

Semi-mounted reversible plow SMRP -7-40-01 is designed for smooth plowing to a depth of 27 cm of old arable soils not clogged with stones, with a specific resistance up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kgf/cm2), hardness up to 0.4 MPa, with a moisture content of the treated layer: podzolic sandy soils up to 23%; sod-podzolic loamy soils from 12% to 22%; chernozemic soils from 17% to 30%.

Using semidigger buildings with elements such as a chisel blade and chest can increase their life-changing only the Wear elements, prolonging the life of more expensive plowshare and the wing blade, respectively.

Also, on the body, there is a plow trash board designed for better seam turnover and plant residues embedding.


The plow can be equipped with feather molds.


Each body post is equipped with a shear bolt that protects it from overloads and breakages.


The hinged system of tractors with which the plow is aggregated must be mounted according to a three-point scheme.


Two hydraulic cylinders rotate the plow from the right-hand working position to the left-hand one and vice versa, as well as to lock the plow into the "butterfly" position during transportation.


The two-wheel support section ensures the stability of the plow, both in operation and during transport.


The articulated plow frame allows you to follow the soil contours accurately and strictly maintain the specified plowing depth.


A support wheel with a plowing depth adjustment mechanism is designed to set and maintain the plowing depth of the last body.


The presence of a modular tail makes it possible to convert the 7-body plow SMRP-7-40-01 into an 8-body plow SMRP -8-40-01 with minimal costs.


Guaranteed reliability of structures. The plow frame is made of a square section 160x160x10 mm, the traction beam is made of a square section 150x150x8 mm.


It is aggregated with tractors from 180 hp equipped with a hydraulic linkage system with high-altitude, power, positional and mixed modes of control of the position of agricultural implements.

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Technical specification
Type semi-mounted reversible  
Productivity for 1 hour of main time, ha 1,96

Plowing depth, cm

to 27

Working width of capture, m

Distance from the reference plane of the bodies to the lower plane of the frame, mm, not less 720
Distance between bodies along with the frame, cm, not less 98
Structural width of the capture of the sleeve, see 40
The number of sleeves, pcs.:
-right-handed 7
-left-handed 7
Weight, kg 4050
Overall dimensions in working position:
-length 10800
-width 3600
-height 2200
Plow overall dimensions in transport position:
-length 10800
-width 2200
-height 3200
The number of staff in skills needed for the operation directly related to the operation of the machine, persons 1
Working speed of movement, km/h 7,0-9,0
Transport speed, km/h, no more 20
Ground clearance, mm, not less 300
Tractor track size, mm:
-front wheels 1950
-rear wheels 2000

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