Semi-mounted reversible plow SMRP-(4+1)-40K without module

The plow is equipped with protection - a shear bolt.

Designed for smooth plowing of soils without stones, flagstone, and other inclusions, with soil resistance up to 0.09 MPa and hardness up to 0.4 MPa, with a moisture content of the treated layer: podzolic sandy soils up to 23%; sod-podzolic loamy soils from 12% to 22%; chernozemic soils from 17% to 30%.

Smooth plowing allows for soil cultivation without stump ridges and breakaway furrows, convenient for the operation of seeders, combines, tractors, and other equipment.

Using semidigger buildings with elements such as a chisel blade and chest can increase their life-changing only the Wear elements, prolonging the life of more expensive plowshare and the wing blade, respectively.

The presence of a modular tail allows us to convert a 4-body plow SMRP-(4+1)-40K without a module into a 5-body SMRP-(4+1)-40K and back with minimal costs, thereby adapting to the traction capabilities of the tractor and soil conditions.

The plow can be equipped with feather molds.


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Technical specification
Overall dimensions in working position: (L*W*H), m 6,1*2,8*2,2
Productivity for 1 hour of main time, ha 1,4-1,8
Working speed of movement, km/h 7-9
Constructive width of the capture of the plow, m 1,6
Plowing depth, no more, see to 27
Weight, kg 2600
Distance from the reference plane of the bodies to the lower plane of the frame, mm, not less 720
Structural width of the capture of the sleeve, see 40
Transport speed, km/h, no more 15
Ground clearance, mm, not less 300
It is equipped with semi-screw housings of a European manufacturer, angle caps, protection of working parts - shear bolt.
It is aggregated with tractors from 120 hp. («Belarus-1221»)
The joint production of OOO Difenzore and OAO Minoitovskiy repair plant.

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