Mounted reversible plow MRP-3-35

The plow is equipped with protection - a shear bolt.

The plow is designed for smooth plowing of old-arable weakly stony soils with a specific resistance of up to 0.09 MPa, the hardness of up to 30 N/cm3, and a moisture content of the treated layer up to 22%.

The slope of the field surface should not exceed 8°. The size of the stubble and grass stand should not exceed 25 cm. The presence of accumulations of unharvested straw in the field is not allowed.

The plow has right-hand and left-hand turning sleeves, which are alternately included in the work during forward and reverse travel, due to which the seam is always turned in one direction, and the unit operates in a shuttle way, which saves fuel since there is no need to divide the cultivated field into corrals, which is especially crucial on low-contour fields.

Using semidigger buildings with elements such as a chisel blade and chest can increase their life-changing only the Wear elements, prolonging the life of more expensive plowshare and the wing blade, respectively.

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Technical specification
Type hinged semi-mounted mounted
Overall dimensions in working position: (L*W*H), m 2,65*2,0*1,6
Productivity for 1 hour of main time, ha 0,74-0,95
Working speed of movement, km/h 7-9
Constructive width of the capture of the plow, m 1,05
Plowing depth, no more, see to 27
Weight, kg 750
Distance from the reference plane of the bodies to the lower plane of the frame, mm, not less 700
Structural width of the capture of the sleeve, see 35
Transport speed, km/h, no more 20
Ground clearance, mm, not less 300
It is equipped with semi-screw housings of a European manufacturer, angle caps, protection of working parts - shear bolt..
It is aggregated with tractors from 80 hp.
The joint production of OOO Difenzore and OAO Minoitovskiy repair plant

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